July 28th, 2014

Gypsy Wife Blocks +

by Julie Hirt

I’m having a great summer, are you?  The only drawback to spending so much time outdoors is not sewing as much.  I’ve been sewing in spurts and on Saturday I got caught up on my Gypsy Wife blocks.


Gyspy Wife June

I really like how the Crazy Anne (left, bottom corner) turned out even if my points are terrible.


Gypsy Wife July

My original goal was to ONLY use scraps and try not to repeat too many patterns.  I finally had to cut into my stash, but I like that I’m still using up a lot of scraps.  Now August is only a few days away and I will *not* let myself fall behind again!


This summer also ended another round of the Scrappy Trip Bee. I received some awesome blocks but unfortunately haven’t taken a picture yet.


Sign ups for the next round begin August 1st!  Check back here for details.


Amanda at the What the Bobbin has an ongoing swap of Fussy Cut blocks. <3  Here is my take on the ‘text’ theme. I didn’t realize how few text fabrics I actually have. I have quite a few small text prints, but I thought that may be kinda boring for the centers.

Fussy Cut Swap


And… check this out!

zeppelin potholder

Teresa Down Under made a super cute potholder tutorial. I LOVE this version using my free Zeppelin paper piecing pattern.


Here is one of the reasons why my summer lacks sewing. We spend a lot of time at Lake of the Ozarks and the weather has been terrific this summer. I love spending time outdoors, especially if I’m near a body of water.



Be sure to check back in – I’ll be hosting an Aurifil giveaway soon!




July 2nd, 2014

The Giving Bunny & Vacation Pics

by Julie Hirt

It’s been a while since I’ve posted!  I’ve been enjoying my summer and we just got back from vacation.  I wanted to share a cool project I just heard about, even though it’s been around for a while.

The Giving Bunny Project:

The Giving Bunny Project

It’s hosted through Urban Threads.  You make a little fleece bunny (pattern is in the link), attach a card stock name tag (printable is also in the link), then spread them around for people to find.   It’s a fun way to brighten someone’s day.  You can also add your bunnies to the shared Google map.

I had every intention of hiding these little guys along our road trip to Florida.  After putting them in the glove box I kind of forgot until we were almost heading back. I was able to hide Patches in a newspaper stand in front of a Dock & Dive shop in Port St Joe.  I still have Nellie & Bing.

These bunnies only take a few minutes to make and they are really cute.  You can personalize them and don’t forget the pom-pon tail!


Ready for an overload of vacation pics?  This is the first year we’ve taken the dogs on vacation. We were driving and going to a dog friendly beach, so we figured why not.  Penny, our not-so-friendly chihuahua, was left at home with her uncle.


cape san blas 2014 (4)

We went to Cape San Blas, Florida and it was Bojangles & Huey’s first time on a beach.

cape san blas 2014 (6)

Bojangles LOVED running down the boardwalk from the house and onto the sand.

cape san blas 2014 (2)

The beach was nice because there are no hotels, just rentals homes and an uncrowded beach.

Everyone left their tents and chairs on the beach overnight. It was nice not having to pack it all up every day.

cape san blas 2014 (5)

I didn’t get any pictures, but there was a large pod of dolphins that swam down the shore several times a day. They were only like 30 feet out and it was really fun.  One day they were jumping all over the place, it was like they were performing.

cape san blas 2014 (3)

We were lucky and every day was warm with sunny skies.

cape san blas 2014 (9)

We went fishing with Captain Charles  in Apalachicola Bay and it was awesome!  We caught dozens of trout, lots of catfish, a dozen or so baby sharks and even a baby stingray.  We took a few of the trout with us and grilled them that night for dinner.

fishing apalachicola bay (1)

Here is Tori with one of her sharks.

fishing apalachicola bay (2)

We did a sunset sail with Captain Gena at Windward Sailing Charters.  Highly recommend them!

sailing port st joe (1)

sailing port st joe (2)

sailing port st joe (3)

sailing port st joe (4)

Quick story about Bojangles:

He LOVED racing down the boardwalk to the beach. On the second to last day there he ripped his little toenail and we had to drive an hour and a half to Panama City to a 24 hour vet. It was bleeding and you can see it was just kind of hanging there.  They ended up removing his toenail and bandaged him up.  Luckily he didn’t seem bothered by any of it or I would have been a total mess!  We’ve removed the bandage now that we are home and all is well.

cape san blas 2014 (8)

We really did have a great time and will go back to the same area again. There isn’t any nightlife and very few restaurants – I think it’s a great place for families and couples that want something low key.

cape san blas 2014 (1)


Hope you’re having a great summer. I have quite a few sewing projects I really need to catch up on!



May 19th, 2014

Outdoorsy Birch Baby

by Julie Hirt

A friend of mine from high school recently contacted me and asked if I could make a patchwork quilt for her new son.  (So excited for her!)  She found some fabrics online that she loved and they were a variety of Birch organics (yes, she has great taste).

Using 6 half yards, 2 yards of camper fabric and 1 fat quarter of the orange bears (that print is so difficult to find),  I was able to make all of this:


The quilt is backed with Kona White and quilted in straight lines 1/4″ along each seam.


Here is the minkie backed camper blanket. I’d love one of these for myself, Birch fabrics are SO soft.


Two diaper covers.


Three bibs. I got to use my new KamSnaps!


Three burp cloths.


And a bear sack to hold the covers, bibs and cloths.


I literally have a handful of scraps left and that’s it.  Cheers to babies!



May 14th, 2014

Gypsy Wife April & May Blocks

by Julie Hirt

Woohoo! Got caught up before I fell too far behind.  Here are my April blocks for the Gypsy Wife QAL.

Gypsy Wife blocks (1)

Would you like to be loved by me for all time?   See that little square on the bottom right – the one with the little floral center and green trim?  The center fabric is by Barbara Jones for Henry Glass. It was one of my very first fabric purchases in 2010 (I think the line is from 2009) and it’s still my favorite print of all time.  If you find it, please buy it up for me!

May blocks:

Gypsy Wife blocks (2)

The aqua prints were a surprise gift from a Flickr user I met in the Gypsy Wife group.  It was a such a sweet mail day when I received them.

Half the reason I quilt is for love of fabric.  So it’s pretty cool how different prints have memories associated with them.   Considering I’m trying to make this entire quilt using only scraps (not cutting into large fabric pieces) I’ll associate a lot of these prints with different people and projects. Some examples of fabric memories in these 7 blocks:


  • Purple floral is from a baby romper I made my niece
  • Aqua prints were gifts from an online friend
  • Red & white print was used in gifts from Mara (Simon Says Sew)
  • The fox is leftover from a fussy cut swaps hosted by Amanda (What the Bobbin)
  • The plaid is leftover from a cowboy quilt for a co-worker
  • Outer yellow print is gift fabric from Sarah Schraw (Sarah Quilts)
  • Center yellow trim is leftover from a gift for Stephanie (Quarter Incher)
  • I could go on…


I’m not a “Gypsy Wife” but I’m excited that my quilt will have a lot of people and memories associated within.


And… I’ll leave you with this:


I find it hilarious.



May 12th, 2014

Sew Together Bag – Take 2

by Julie Hirt

This version was made for Snips Snippets turn in the Birthday Bash I’m participating in.

STB1 (5)

I really do love this pattern.  You can now buy it from Sew Demented HERE.

(Craftsy has removed the pattern due to another user copying the pattern and selling it as her own. Why both versions were removed is beyond me.)

STB1 (4)

The interior is pretty much an exact copy of my first Sew Together Bag.


I highly recommend buying this pattern if you don’t already have it.

Gah… I’ve been such a slacker lately.  I need to finish May’s Birthday Bash present for Stephanie, I still need to quilt my Triangle QAL and I have April and May blocks for the Gyspy Wife.  Yikes.  Hope you’ve been keeping up more than I have.




April 28th, 2014

Charm Party Quilt & Pillow (tutorial)

by Julie Hirt

New baby quilt and pillow is finished up.

Charm Party 627handworks

Tutorial can be found here.

This set was really fun to make because it comes together pretty quickly just using a few charm packs.


I did my regular quilting pattern.  It’s kind of like a stipple but I quilt in rows so it it’s not as stressful for me.


I really enjoy this fabric line from Moda; Chance of Flowers by Sandy Gervais. It’s perfect for baby quilts and would make really adorable clothes.


This is the project that got me a little behind on my Triangle Quilt Along with The Sassy Quilter.   I do have the quilt top finished and just need to somehow get it quilted  in the next few days. That way I can link up for a chance to win a prize!


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